About Us

The Meta-Analysis Research Center (MARC) is a University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing enterprise to facilitate quantitative research syntheses. Drs. Conn, Phillips, Ruppar, Chase, and Cooper have extensive meta-analysis research expertise in health sciences quantitative syntheses (see grants and publications). MARC faculty collaborate and consult with national and international colleagues on meta-analysis projects.

Our Expertise
  • Articulating and refining eligibility criteria
  • Implementing comprehensive searching procedures
  • Developing and managing bibliographic software to manage potential studies,
  • Building and using Access software for tracking eligible studies,
  • Developing, pilot testing, and applying data extraction instruments for study, design, sample, variables/interventions, and outcomes
  • Managing companion papers and possibly overlapping samples
  • Preparing and managing data analyses
  • Interpreting findings
  • Publishing meta-analysis projects